Nelly To Make A Tip Drill Movie?

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While Nelly may have a hit on iTunes chart, he wants to branch out into more lucrative venues such as the silver screen.  Sitting down with Vlad TV, the Pimp Juice spokesman talked about the possibility of adapting his banned-from-TV “Tip Drill” music video into a feature-length film.  The video is most infamous for showing the St. Louis rapper swiping a credit card in a stripper’s a$$ crack (at 7:25 into the video if anyone’s wondering).  So, who doesn’t want 90 minutes of Tip Drilling?  Hopefully after the first two minutes the actors can get in more than just the tip.  Ironically, the rest of this interview is focused on how Nelly has never degraded women.


Nelly Talks With Vlad TV About “Tip Drill” Movie

Nelly Tip Drill (Uncut)