Now That Fat Joe Dropped The Weight, He’s Set To Drop Mad Music

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Fat Joe sat down with XXLMag recently to talk about his musical conquests. He currently is prepping for the release of his mixtape “The Darkside, Vol 2.” The mixtape is the sequel to his 2010 album, “The Darkside Vol 1.”

According to Joe, this mixtape will rock a street sound:

“We gonna drop the mixtape no later than two-and-a-half-weeks. That’s coming out super hard though. Not ever regular hard. It’s gonna be the hardest mixtape out; nothing nice about it. The mixtape is too hard. Shit coming out like what a street anthem mixtape should sound like. This is my first mixtape. We’re gonna put it out as a mixtape and hit the people with that raw, street, Joe Krill.”

I don’t know if I believe all the hype, but when the tape comes out, we can decide. Also Joe is working on his upcoming album, which so far has no release date. He did state that Chris Brown definitely has a feature, “Another Round” produced by Young Lad and Cool & Dre. With his weight loss, he’s trying a different appeal with his upcoming album.

With the album, we’re gonna make that music that everyone can relate too. It’s still gonna be hard, but it’s gonna be hit mania. You know exactly what it is. The joint with Chris Brown is a super joint. I got another joint I’m trying to get Maxwell on. You know, I’m talking to the ladies. I lost that weight, I gotta talk to them.”

We’ll see if he can achieve a balance of hardness and swag enough to stay “true” to himself and get the ladies.



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