OMB Peezy, NBA YoungBoy, & Cardo Link on The Banger, “Doin Bad”

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The three come through with heat.

2017 has witnessed the rise of many artists, but few have enjoyed the come-up like OMB Peezy and NBA YoungBoy have. The southern artists—from Alabama and Louisiana, respectively—both emote this authentic grit, lyrically and emotionally, that bear the scars of their upbringings and what they’ve witnessed. Today, they joined forces on the Cardo-produced track, “Doin Bad”.

Part of these two rappers’ allure is their southern twang, which makes for distinct flows that could be picked out of a lineup. The fire track addresses how peers will often forget about individuals when they’re doing badly, i.e. not famous, successful individuals, but once they achieve that coveted success everyone has a hand out, claiming that they were there the entire time. That is hardly the case.

OMB Peezy announced the collaboration yesterday via his IG, posting the song’s artwork as well as teaser.

Listen to this fantastic joint track below now: