#OnlyInTheRapGame DMX Says Ross Wants Him On MMG…X Worried About Rozay’s “Whole Illuminati Thing”

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What…the…f*ck?  Just cruising the interents only to discover this interview Vibe did with Dark Man X.  Gunna bullet some thoughts.

-I wish I was there when Ross coordinated this jail house correspondence with X.  How was the letter formulated?  What did it say?  Did they put Rick Ross ad-libs in parenthesis with explanation points?

-What planet is DMX living on.  The whole way he approaches this question is classic.  Well on one hand I have respect for the guy and think he’s talented.  On the other hand he’s got the whole Illuminati thing going on…wait what?  X you can’t be serious.

-Instances like this validate to me that hip-hop is the most phenomenal display of theater ever.  Shakespeare needs to sit down because Dark Man X just sonned him.

You got major labels interested?

DMX: Yeah. Actually, Rick Ross’ peoples wrote me a letter while I was in here.


Yeah like ‘Yo we got a home for you. We’ll pick you up in a limo. Just come to Miami. Just come, we got you.’

Oh wow, have you thought about that?

I’m thinking about it. It was a good feeling. I respect him as an artist, and I would like to work with him. But he got the whole Illuminati thing going on.  I got fans who write me like ‘I’m glad you’re not a part of that.’ And I don’t know what it’s really about entirely. So it might be like a good thing.


  1. DMX once again proves to be honest and correct in his assumptions. Rick Ross is definitely under the control of illuminati figures or handlers. He throws the horned hand sign in almost every scene of his videos, his content is consistently materialistic proposing escalated crack cocaine marketing eschewing all things spiritual except cannabis (CUZ IT SELLS RIGHT NOW). He has come from nowhere and been completely discredited as a real thug, beefed with 50 cent and won. Consistently has the support of media and entertainment moguls who r regularly aligned with lucifarian artists and content aka Jay z, Kanye, Weezy etc

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