Pacquiao TKO’s Cotto

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Pacquiao is the man.  The fight was fun to watch.  Much better than that Mayweather/Marquz fight.  I’m going to have to agree with R.A. The Rugged, and say Mayweather needs to man up and fight Pacquiao.  I know “Money” Mayweather has beef with Pacquiao’s money people, who I believe used to manage  him.  That being said Mayweather may need to take a pay cut for the sake of the sport and his legacy.  I mean only make like 23 millions dollars off a fight or something.  It’s what everyone wants.  Check out the official ESPN write up here.  Import fact about Pacquiao below.

  • For a 16-year-old who turned professional at 106 pounds and won his first championship at 112 pounds, Pacquiao has raced up the scales like nobody else in boxing history. Flyweight.

    Junior featherweight.


    Junior lightweight.


    Junior welterweight.

    And now, welterweight.




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