Pandora Becomes Insecure, Gets A Facelift

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Internet music juggernaut Pandora recently launched it’s new layout along with novel features to broaden its appeal. Now free users, according to Engadget, can enjoy unlimited streaming and, more importantly, the site hopped on the HTML 5 train. In layman’s terms the site’s new language should make it lighter on your computer’s load. I’ve read conflicting reports on it’s ability a smart phone or a tablet’s browser. But it’s worth a shot if you have an account.

I’ve used Pandora only a handful of times since it dropped. Therefore, I can’t front like I truly new what I missed. Nevertheless, the interface is pretty clean and self explanatory. It only plays clean versions so far so, if that’s an issue, you’ve been warned. At least some songs feature lyrics while they play. The automatic selection stays in line with the title of the station while providing a few twists. For instance, I’m listening to the “Outkast” station and, after playing a few similar rap records from other artists, they put up Louis Armstrong’s version of “La Vie En Rose.” Are they directly related? Not really, but I’m not complaining. Plus, you can alter the playlist via a thumbs up or down marker so it can become better tuned to your tastes.

I’d rather choose my music than go by a radio format especially since I’m more of an album listener. Yet this new setup could be a solid alternative when I’m away from the home CPU. Plus, they get newcomers good by obligating them to sign up once they switch stations. So now I’m stuck here staring at a registration screen. They got to reel you in somehow right?

In other news, Forbes said Pandora’s stock price dropped this morning. The decrease likely comes in response to Clear Channel launching a direct competitor in iHeartRadio. So, as you can see, the battle for internet radio supremacy is about to get really real.