Pardison Fontaine Searches For Control On “WRONG WIT ME (HOT)”

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Produced by NES.

Pardison Fontaine might have spent the majority of his career behind the curtain penning hits for other stars, but the New York artist is ready to step into the spotlight. He released his debut album, Under8ed, last November, which features the likes of Jadakiss, Offset, Cardi B, Jeremih, and more, and is intent on the world knowing his name. Continuing that solo momentum, Pardison recently came through with his new single, “WRONG WIT ME (HOT).”

In a revelatory offering, Fontaine uses his new track to speak on the various vices that perpetually haunt him.  From alcohol to meaningless sex, the “Backin’ It Up” rapper pulls no punches when discussing his psyche’s dark waters; Pardison is endearingly vulnerable throughout.

“WRONG WIT ME (HOT)” not only serves as a point of introspection, but it’s also a yearning for some semblance of control — the arduous pursuit of regaining that power that has been hijacked by his vices. “Something is wrong with me, Money and pussy controlling me, Niggas keep calling me, Can’t nobody get a hold of me,” he raps over the NES production.

Tap into Pardison’s mind by hitting play on his new single below: