Playboi Carti Breaks Silence on “@ MEH”

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New Carti alert!

The build up to new Playboi Carti music has taken on mythological properties. The Twitter rumor mill has been swirling, latching on to any shred of “evidence” that the coveted new Carti will materialize; the hope for his return has become a cry for help. Seemingly falling on deaf ears, the Atlanta standout has heard the cries — and he’s delivered for his patient following.

After cryptically tweeting cover art — one whose mysteriousness reflects his recent whereabouts — on April 14th, Carti broke his silence, fueling up his patrons’ gas tank of hope that his return would be imminent. The fanning of anticipatory flames for his elusive Whole Lotta Red album peaked. Today, that ambiguity has crystalized: While fans will have to remain patient for Whole Lotta Red’s release, they can rejoice by enjoying Playboi Carti’s new single and video, “@ MEH.”

Consistent with his distinct library, “@ MEH” is vintage ethereal Carti. The enigmatic rapper uses his staple ad-libs and a Jetsonmade production to impart an abstract soundscape that blurs the lines of reality. The ambiance feels like lucid dreaming. 

Between the at-times indecipherable Carti yelps and experimental Jetsonmade instrumental, “@ MEH” ironically gives as much as it takes: Hearing new music from the Die Lit artist is salvational, but this appetizer has only increased hunger for the entrée of Whole Lotta Red.

Enjoy “@ MEH” below: