Quality Control’s Newest Artist, Wavy Navy Pooh, Unloads On “Gang Gang”

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QC’s got another artist ready to shine.

Quality Control, the Atlanta-based label/management group helmed by Coach K, has consistently demonstrated their astute talent assessment abilities. Their all-stars — Migos, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty —  are well known, but perhaps even more impressive is their incubation of burgeoning talent. One of those artists ready to hatch is Wavy Navy Pooh, who just dropped his debut QC track, “Gang Gang.”

Wavy Navy Pooh enlists a rapid-fire flow for “Gang Gang,” proving he’s tailor made for the omnipresent trap scene; he spits with such ferocity that his words feel palpable. Wavy’s intense vocal approach coupled with the booming production positions “Gang Gang” as a sparring match between the two. The victor isn’t definitive, but the result is fire.

“Gang Gang” was also released alongside a Worldstar-premiered music video.

Check it out here: