Reality Check: Brittanya Goes To Jail

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Pregnant Rock Of Love/I love money 4 contestant Brittanya is officially serving 6 months in jail. Brittanya plead guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery for an incident back in 2008. The deadly weapon was a “pimp cup“.  Apparently the victim needed several stitches to close the wound. Fellas take note, it doesn’t matter how good a female looks riff raff behavior like this is not a good look.

They should make this into a VH1 series. “Brittanya Goes To Jail”. That would be fun. She   should have been a nice citizen and at least leave us a sex tape to explore while she was  gone. they  could have even named it “I Love Moneyshots”. Seriously though this is sad because she`s pregnant and is going to be one of those moms that have their kids in prison.

SIDE NOTE: I think I found the last adult ( if you want to call her that) in the world that owns and uses a sidekick. cam_tweet