Reason Taps Ab-Soul For “Flick It Up”

3 years ago view-show 17,523

New Reason album on the horizon?

After releasing his first 2019 single last Wednesday, Reason is already back with its successor, the Ab-Soul-assisted “Flick It Up.”

Over a bouncy, layered instrumental, Reason continues last week’s motif of challenging rappers who claim to live what they write, saying, “Niggas talk shit, no comment / Niggas ain’t really did half the shit they rap ’bout / Nigga you ain’t never caught no body / You ain’t never sold no drugs / Nigga you ain’t never popped no molly.” He juxtaposes this by discussing how even though his assiduous work ethic has afforded him a respectable career, he needs to go harder — he needs to flick it up.

While the TDE artist is typically known for lacing beats with a placid poise, Reason unleashes a quick-tongued flow to match Tae Beats’, Top Dawg’s in-house producer, machine gun-like production.

Check out how Reason keeps it real by hitting play on “Flick It Up” below: