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It’s a sad thing to see, grown men take something so far and to be honest I would have thought this whole Rick Ross – 50 Cent beef would have died down by now, but no, not at all. Ricky has now decided to release a mix tape aptly called Before I Self Destruct before 50 releases his album later this year. Why? What is the point of that? I guess Whoo Kid and 50 will have something already in the pipeline to counteract that though. Just think back to the whole Cam’ron situation with his over usage of Curtis, didn’t help Cam did it really?
Ross is trying to play the tough guy with moves like this yet on a track from his album Deeper than Rap he feels the need to fight his case about being a CO with his Valley of Death track which on the album will be without Lil Wayne. So called tough guys should never feel the need to justify their actions, especially when it comes to this scenario, its too late homie, the damage is done.


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