Ron Artest Quits The Lakers To Perform His New Single With His Uncle (Live)

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Ron Artest strikes again on George Lopez’s show “Lopez Tonight”. I don’t even know how to word a description of his performance, his hype man, his wardrobe, and the guy with the white linen suite who looks like someones uncle that sings at all the weddings and funerals. Ron said when he first started out rapping he was real bad, so you are telling me it was once worst than this.

I was disappointed because I was waiting for him to run in the crowd and start fighting anyone who wasn’t feeling it. I’m starting to think the Staple Center has some kind of curse, that makes the players think they are entertainers.There should be a a star minimum in the Staple Center because these entertainers in the stands must be influencing these players to become artist.

The sad part is these players have the money to put their music out and there is no escaping their capital. Its crazy because Ron Artest budget is bigger than some of the best rappers in the game. So I ask you to post your comments below and cast your vote for best Trash Truck Juice athlete entertainer. The winner will receive the official Trash Truck Juice Award. Nominees below.