ScHoolboy Q Gives Thought-Provoking Charlamagne Interview

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From detailing CrasH Talk to his overall music industry perspective, Q gets real.

ScHoolboy Q supplemented his legendary rap status by releasing his fifth studio album, CrasH Talk, on April 26th. Home to hit cuts like “Numb Numb Juice” and “Water,” Q’s endeavor to create music exclusively on his own terms proved successful, as his first album in over two-years debuted at number three on Billboard 200 and aggregated mostly favorable reviews.

And while an album’s contents might provide a glimpse into an artist’s vision, there’s always more that exists beneath the surface. Sure, Q poured his unfiltered emotions and perspective over wax for a 14-track album, but knowing the greater context of his CrasH Talk desires elucidates the overall album picture. Sometimes, we need a genuine conversation to facilitate that greater understanding.

Sitting-down with — well, standing, rather — Charlamagne Tha God for a rooftop interview, unaffiliated with The Breakfast Club, Q details the emotions, thoughts, and experiences that coalesced to create CrasH Talk. From scrapping previous versions to becoming comfortable with the harsh realities of the music industry ecosystem, Q delivers an honest, thought-provoking interview that not only provides further insight into CrasH Talk, but, perhaps more importantly, removes the veil of ScHoolboy Q the artist to reveal who ScHoolboy Q the man is.

He’s vulnerable, funny, quirky, insightful — all of the characteristics that have made him into one of today’s most lovable, successful artists. It’s a departure from a typical artist interview: there’s less structure, but it’s within this ambiguity that Q is able to let his guard down, and deliver the raw human emotions that we all experience.

At the end of the day, Q is a relatable character navigating the murky waters of life, like all of us, figuring it out one-day at a time. It can be easy to forget, given his superstar status, but Q is human.

Enjoy the great conversation by hitting play on the Charla x Q interview below: