Scott Storch Headed To Court Over Allegations He’s An Effing Mess

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Scott Storch, legendary hip-hop producer and PR-nightmare, is being sued by would-be songstress Treena Ruberg, who claims that Storch’s rampant drug use prevented him from delivering on a $45K production agreement.

TMZ reports according to Ruberg’s lawsuit, back in October 2011 she paid Storch $30,000 up front to produce 6 songs on the singer’s upcoming album, which he agreed to have ready by the end of November, having assured Ruberg  he was “cured of his past problem” with drugs. Ruberg claims Storch “continued to have a drug addiction and other personal problems which rendered him incapable of producing any recordings,” and wants her money back, including an additional $70,000 for the out-of-pocket expenses she incurred when Storch failed to deliver up the tracks.

As Storch was just arrested for cocaine possession back in early February, it seems like Ruberg has a pretty solid case….although in Storch’s defense, $30K is nothing on the $30 million he blew back in 2006, and “problem” and “cured” are totally relative anyway, right?