Sheek Louch Shows Off The Guns…

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What better way to promote an album than to shoot a video that’s overall message is, ‘if you don’t buy my album, I’m going to kill you‘?  For real, that was an open-ended question; does anyone have an answer?


In this video, Sheek Louch heads to the New Jersey Firearms Academy to air out some unlucky targets with his .38 Special, .40 Cal, 357 and M16 Assault Rifle.  The best part is when the firearms instructor asks, “who here has had previous firearm experience?”  Sheek responds with a ‘yes’ to which the instructor asks, “as far as at a range though?”  “Nah,” Sheek picked up his skills on the streets of Yonkers…

Sheek’s album, Donnie G: Don Guerilla drops tomorrow.  I’m still shocked that Def Jam gave Sheek the green light considering the amount of great albums that have been shelved throughout the years; but I’ve enjoyed all the material I’ve heard from it thus far.      


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