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I guess P Diddy needs to start planning as his former home-boy Shyne is expected to be released in April, according to members of his legal team. Obviously a set date is not known but they are hoping that April will see the rapper walk free after almost eight years stemming from a high profile club shooting which took place back in the Diddy /J Lo days in 1999. The rapper was charged with first degree assault and reckless endangerment in July 2001 and sentenced to ten years in prison. Shyne has always proclaimed he acted in self defense in Club NY where the shooting took place.
The rapper is expected to release an album through his now label Def Jam when he is released, Godfather Resurrected, which will follow up his 2004 album recorded in prison, Godfather Buried Alive. I am sure this one will ruffle a few feathers 🙂


  1. Word! Can’t wait to see what that snitch Diddy is gonna be doing?? Probably hiding in a closet somewhere in Alabama or something.. Shyne, can’t wait to see you do it again! Hope he aims at 50………….

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