Since When Did Hip-Hop Become So Complicated?

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I thought El-P had a valid point.  Since when did hip-hop become so complicated.  Everything is too something.  Artists lyrics are too ignorant or they dress too weird.  I feel like hip-hop has so many sub-genre’s that people forget we are all part of one community.  I remember when Gucci Mane collaborated with Talib Kweli and a lot of people were at Talib’s neck for the collaboration.  Why can’t two rappers collaborate?  I’m actually more interested in a Gucci/Talib collab as opposed to say a Gucci/Rick Ross collab.  It’s more unusual and unpredictable.  I don’t know about you guys, but one of the things that how always attracted to me to hip-hop were the lack of rules and structure within the community.  People do them, and we all found a way to f*ck with each other.

However, more than ever you have to be on a team.  You either listen to that boom-bap rap, hipster rap, or pop rap.  I like to consider myself a fan of all those sub genres of hip-hop.  I’m tired of defending my opinion of people like Waka Flocka.  Yes I know that he isn’t some sort of vocabulary master.  But guess what his job is?  He is an entertainer, and that is EXACTLY what he does (Bow! Bow! Bow!).  Plus it pisses me off when all these boom-bap rap nerds want to treat some rapper that no one IN REAL LIFE cares about like they are the second coming of Christ.  We get it.  Dude has good punchlines.  Too bad only 5 people listen to them.  These are the same people that have the audacity to tell me I don’t know what “real” hip-hop is.  People just need to remember to put their personal preferences in perspective with what is actually going on in popular culture.

I just think that sometimes we over complicate this sh*t.  We make rules that ultimately mean nothing.  Hip-Hop is an inclusive culture at the end of the day.  I’m a white suburban kid, and while I may not be the poster boy for hip-hop, I have always been embraced by the people within it.  That is something I am eternally grateful for.  I just feel like we (as a community) need to relax on drawing a line in the sand and asking people to pick a side.  When we do things like that…no one wins.  I know with social networking tools and blogs we are all critics.  Let’s just not forget to have fun.  Last time I checked, we all come to places like iHipHop because we love this sh*t!


  1. In the middle of your second paragraph, you're basically saying that people should support the popular artists? You seem to be contradicting yourself when you say “People just need to remember to put their personal preferences in perspective with what is actually going on in popular culture.” Many people are that's why you have alternative versions of Hip-hop such as, underground, g-funk, horror-core and much more. Many individuals listen to those genres of music because most of today's hip-hop is “dumbed down” Even Eminem spoke truth in the intro to the song “Syllables”.

  2. Damn, that's really not what I was trying to say, but I see how you could maybe interpret it like that. My point was that there are all these people who champion underground artists, but are quick to diminish someone who is popular as invalid because they don't like them. I'm not saying you need to like them. But that doesn't make them invalid as artists.

  3. You're a fucking idiot. So because only “5 people” listen to an artist it discredits him/her in some way? Also, there is a difference between an entertainer and an artist. People like Flocka are entertainers, so they make garbage music. People like Last Emperor and Jeru the Damaja are artists so they make art that will transcend and stupid trends in rap music.

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