#SitDown Lil Kim Is Delusional…Nicki Minaj Laughs At Her

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So pretty much Lil Kim is completley delusional, and is just make things up at this point.  She dropped her Black Friday mixtape yesterday via Paypal (She is literally getting 10 bucks on Paypal and mailing the mixtape to people, which is definitely very 2011).  She claims the album set some sort of a Paypal record and moved 113,000 in 28 hours, which simply did not happen.  The best part is that she is such a cliche that she is also dropping a video on Friday and claims that is is going to be “Avatar 2”.  At this point you just got to feel bad for Kim.  She definitely isn’t living in reality.  Nicki was sure to laugh at her.   Good times…



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