Snoop Dogg Wants To Be Freeway Ricky Ross?

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An upcoming biopic of drug bigwig Freeway Ricky Ross has got Snoop planning on snapping up that coveted lead role. The movie, penned by ‘Blow’ director Nick Cassevetes, takes place in the late 70’s, and Snoop has been given the thumbs up by Ross to take charge of the soundtrack:

“Y’all heard what the Dogg said. The Dogg want to run that soundtrack. Y’all didn’t think it was gonna happen”

Snoop is eager to get on board with the soundtrack, but also seems to think that he is all set to play Ricky Ross on the big screen, something which was not confirmed by Ross. Snoop discussed his plans while in the studio in L.A.:

“Man, I told my O.G. before he got home, I wanted to get down with him and I love him to death and everything he stand for and I’m part of telling his story. I said look, when it’s time to play you, it’s gotta be me and nobody one else. I’m the only who could put that thing on it.”

“I also want to be a part of the soundtrack to make the scope of the music right, to make sure the scoring right, to represent the era and the time period where we were going through on the West. Because it’s central that the story’s told from his eyes, so I want to make sure the music represents what we were listening to out here and what we were going through. And when it gets to those certain time periods, I want to be the one who makes sure that the music feels good while you’re watching the movie.”

Spotted at HHDX.