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So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything but I’m back to bring you some ill ish from the west coast.  Mack P and DJ Rocky Racoon emailed me their mixtape Art Of The Ghetto and video out of the blue.  I get a lot of submissions and I only pick what I feel has true talent and love behind the  music.  So when I heard this I had to show it love and throw it out there for ya’ll.  Mack P is a truly talented MC, his flow is really refreshing and it’s definitely some music I’d roll up to.  Honestly when I listen to it, I wanna be cruising the strip in an old Caprice Classic, at night, fat L in hand, with no particular destination.  Mack P has got a great ear for beats and Rocky Racoon does some nice remix moves with some of these tracks.  Look, in an era of hip-hop where the south is dominating the sound, and sing-song rappers are given too much love, I love listening to some real street rap, especially out of the West.  My only complaint is that I wanted more tracks.  My hope is that they are working on some new ish and will drop it soon.  Until then download the mixtape below, and check the video, that is unless you don’t like real rap music.  Compton Represent!!

Art Of The Ghetto

Mack P “From The City”Stream

Mack P “I’m Right Here”Stream

Mack P “In My Living Room”Stream




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