Surprise, Surprise: DMX Goes To Prison…Again!

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Prison is really like a revolving door for Earl “DMX” Simmons.   It’s seriously gotten to the point where DMX is more renowned for his criminal record than for his musical records.  Last March, DMX was arrested in Arizona for drug possession.  At this point, DMX was on probation and the drug charge boasted a whopping five probation violations.  Although his lawyer speculated that DMX could avoid prison by going to rehab or possibly Celebrity Rehab, this wasn’t the case, as the barking rapper was found yet again with Oxycontin following an Arizona concert.  After failing to submit to a drug test, failing to participate in drug counseling, failing to make payments and being caught driving on a suspended license, X has been sentenced to a year behind bars.  X has been arrested five times since 2007.  He has basically been in and out of prison since May 2009.  Rumor has it the only worldly possession DMX is bringing with him is his vintage soap-on-a-rope for those slippery shower situations…



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