New Music: Kid Cudi – “Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven”

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The Man on the Moon has returned home and looks to drop off his fifth solo album this Friday. And today he's sharing the album's title track, which has been self-produced by Cudi. In addition, Cudi's canceled his upcoming "Especial" tour -- a tour that would've seen the rapper touchdown on Australia and New Zealand. While Kid Cudi looks to sort out his personal life before getting back on the road, "Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven" will surely keep fans satisfied in the meantime. Hit the jump to check out Cudi's latest musical offering.

New Music: Kid Cudi – “JFKPSA”

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So much music, so little time! Kid Cudi adds his name to the growing list of A-list rappers/producers dropping new music this Friday. With his contribution, "JFKPSA," Cudi essentially goes the instrumental route (speech notwithstanding) but it's Cudi so you know it's flames. Listen after the jump.

New Music: KiD CuDi – “Love”

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Greetings from Cudderland, where there ain't nothing to give but love. Kid Cudi returns from his "hiatus" with a new track that's all about spreading positive energy. Check out Kid Cudi's "Love" after the jump.

New Music: Almight GloryUS (Kid Cudi x King Chip) – “Chillin’ While We Sippin'”

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Back in 2010, around the same time Kid Cudi was releasing Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager and assisting Kanye on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, he was also touring and collaborating with his Cleveland homie King Chip. Their working relationship and friendship blossomed and they would adopt the name Almighty GloryUS. Sadly, however, nothing really came from this collaboration. Until now. Thanks to producers Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish the 2010 track "Chillin' While We Sippin'" has been unearthed. Listen to AlmightyUS' vault track after the jump.