Tahiry Explains Her Wackness

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Joe Budden`s ex girl Tahiry is super overrated. She may have huge cakes but after all that make up and weave she still looks basic as hell. Well to confirm her wackness she recently revealed that she has specific music video requirements and refuses to get down. When speaking to XXL she said “Anything that I have to drop it like it’s hot, put it in a glass with oil. Like, I’m not the drop-it-like-it’s-hot girl, I’m not the girl that you’ll ever catch in the tub just feeling herself. We good. I’m the girl with the mouth, but I just look good in a thong.” (XXL Mag)

A girl thats known for her assets but doesnt want to drop it like its hot is useless, the fact that she describes herself as the girl with the mouth is even worst. No one wants to hear what she has to say.


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