The 5 Best Quotables From Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

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4. ‘Cause my Self just told myself, you da muthaf*ckin’ Man you don’t need no help.
 Song: All Me

last time i was home, in my castle, thinking to myself about how i got all this, i said ‘self, you da man!’ and grinned a wide flash of sunlight that reflected all up and down my floor-to-ceiling bathroom mirrors and put a tingle in my toes that i’m sure wasn’t just the heated floors kicking in.
and then i said ‘Self, you lookin’ good today man. you been’ hitting the gym? do you lift, bro? ’cause Self is kinda turning me on in a completely hetero Let’s Lift Together sorta way…seriously though, Self, do you lift? you wanna get some reps in this weekend? I’ve been doing a chest-abs-arms program and totally shredding the upper bod on mondays and fridays. then i follow up with intense cardio on what would normally be a Rest Day, Self. if you’re into, like, really getting no-nonsense about your regimen, we can totally lift next time i’m in town, Self.



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