The 5 Best Quotables From Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

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3. You know it’s real when you are who you think you are.
 Song: Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2

again, like drake, i’ve heard the question ‘just who do you think you are?’ from women probably more times than is healthy. they weren’t checking my ID or anything. they were all willfully wondering what kind of f*ckery-driven, egomaniac sh*t-burger would say some of the things i’d said with a straight face. or who would text their moms to say those things. succinctly put, i’m not sure i am who i think i am but i’ve played in the territory of testing those theories. clearly a No Fly Zone for most.
on the other side of that sh*t sandwich is drake. he is exactly who he thinks he is: a megalomaniacal superstar with more Number One hits than exes’ cancelled pregnancies. this may entitle him to believe in a more inflated version of himself but it doesn’t get much more gassed than millionaire musician. in a time where ‘musician’ is typically code for ‘unemployed’ at family gatherings, he’s banked more than most musicians with twice the experience and three times the drug abuse. ask his uncle, larry graham, whom he goes out of his way to patronize on this album, as if to say ‘i know you’re my uncle and everything but, yes, i’m better than you are. at everything you dreamed of doing. so just deal.’



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