The 5 Best Quotables From Drake’s Nothing Was The Same

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2. Only worried bout me, could give a f*ck about you.
 Song: Started From The Bottom

drake just trolled his entire fanbase with that quote there. the only thing more obvious than drake catching feelings over every woman he ever bought a lap dance from laid eyes on is that he cares about how people feel. he cares about how the older rappers classify his lyricism. he cares about how the new rappers don’t treat him like the king he is (when he PUT THEM ON, in some cases). he cares about not receiving reply texts from nicki minaj on lonely friday nights. he named his last album Take Care for jeebus sake!
notwithstanding the hollowness of his proclamations, and the false sentiments lurking behind them, his fans will go to the grave believing he didn’t care…that he was deliberately carefree and young the whole time when that couldn’t be further from the truth. he’s talking constantly about being ‘stressed out to be the best out’ and who’ll be around ‘a decade from now.’ the whole album is like a neatly appointed Care Package.
i don’t buy it for one second. if you do, there’s a link to an album on iTunes you simply must download immediately.



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