The Boss Gets Locked Up…Cops In Shreveport Definitley Like Arresting Successful Black Men

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Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but Ross got knocked with some trees in Shreveport Louisiana.  The real whack part is that he got knocked in his own hotel room.  I mean it’s one thing if you are driving, but if you are getting lit in the privacy of your own hotel room you deserved to be left alone.  I’m sure the Shreveport police just heard that there were going to be rich and successful black people in town so they had to be arrested.)  Philadelphia Eagles player Jason Peters was also in Shreveport and got arrested for playing his music too loud?  See the full story at TMZ but in regards to Rosé:

  • according to police, he was busted last night for possession of marijuana. Cops say they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from his hotel room and when police investigated, they spotted approximately a gram of it in plain view.