The Detroit Lions’ New $78 Million Dollar Man

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76904497RM010_GEORGIA_V_FLOThe worst team in the NFL last year, the Detroit Lions (0-16) cut right to the chase Friday night, and chose Matthew Stafford from the University Of Georgia as their number one pick before the NFL Draft officially gets underway on Saturday.

During his college career, the 21-year-old had a 27-7 record, 51 touchdown passes, and threw for over 8,000 yards for the Bulldogs…

Those stats were good enough to sign the future gunslinger to a 6-year contract worth $78 million, with $41.7 million of it being guaranteed, (so that means even if he turns out to be a bust, he’ll still walk away with nearly half of what he signed for).

Good luck kiddo, you’re going to need it to turn around that franchise. Remember their last “former” face of the organization? Can you say Joey Harrington?

Hopefully Stafford doesn’t end up like him; backing up the back up’s back up… But even he does, he still got at least $41.7 million out of the deal, so it’s a win-win…


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