The Making Of Chris Brown and Tyga’s “Fan Of A Fan” Mixtape

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Here goes a behind the scene video of Chris Brown and Tyga’s new mixtape Fan of a Fan, if you read my last post about Chris Breezy, you know I’m not anticipating this mixtape. Honestly, I think Chris should take a note from Kanye and go on hiatus for a year or so. I understand he’s trying to stay relevant for his fans and remain in the spotlight. But it’s only been a year since his altercation with Rihanna, so the situation is very fresh in the publics mind. He needs to take a long vacation, write/produce (pre-graffiti) music, for himself or other artist. Trust me Chris is very talented, he can comeback and smash Jason Derulo the R&B/Pop scene anytime. Sh*t, even in some weird way he believes the media should get over the Rihanna “situation” by now, he should still take sometime off to give the illusion he’s reflected on it. Cause right now he’s on the media’s bad side.


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