The New Pop?

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New Vibe cover.  This B.o.B quote is hilarious, because I heard from a little birdie that the people at Atlantic Records pimped the f*ck out of his publishing.  Notice how all these artists are on Atlantic Records.  Good ol’ boys playing to pay to play game…typical.


    Potheads and hippies, we flock. We’re peaceful as hell. You don’t hear about my concerts getting shot up or people getting beat up because they was too high and turned into a weed monster.


    I’m a fan of young Elvis. And I’m a fan of the story, how he freaked out white America by doing this Black rock’n’roll. He would go onstage shaking his hips, and people were freaking out. They said, “You can’t film him from the waist down.” To me, that’s fucking awesome.


    My loyalty is not to any corporation, my loyalty is to the music. That doesn’t mean that I don’t work with corporations, it doesn’t mean that I don’t sell music–it just means that first I’m an artist regardless of anything.