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Now this collection of random information about those who were involved with the West Coast label back in the 1990’s that is making its way around the blogs and sites. You can check it for yourself below and make your own assumptions, however the person who took the time out to write this has obviously got beef with more than just Suge.

Okay here’s what I know about Death Row and those loosely affiliated with them. I ain’t got time to write no essay so it’ll be in random blurbs. Don’t know if it’s all true but it’s what I got. Fuck u Suge I got somebody for u.

-The beef with Suge and Dre started when Suge allegedly tried to get at Michel’le. He was determined to pull Dre’s hoe card and eventually he did. Dre used to dog the shit out of Michelle, so much so her mother hated (and still hates) his fuckin’ guts. Suge was actually digging Michelle despite her annoying ass voice so he was determined to get her.

-Ricky Harris who is also Snoop and Daz’s cousin is a crazy manic ass drunk. He has issues with his hands like Dre and is a lousy father.

-Tupac punched Snoop in the stomach after an incident in which Snoop chose to go against the grain. I cannot remember what the exact beef was but Snoop ended up bowled over in tears holding his damn stomach.

-Daz is the one of few who was not scared of Suge. He did a lot of the production on Pac’s All Eyez on Me Album but didn’t get the credit which is why he was able to get his $25 million. When he had his meeting with Suge about money and Suge threatened him Daz was pretty much like lock the door and it’s whatever. Kurupt was scared as a bitch. Pussy.

-Kurupt and Inga (Foxy) were in love–well him moreso than her and he was ready to get married but Foxy started digging on DMX who was trying to fuck everything moving and eventually she went astray and hit that.

-Two of Daz’s baby mama’s got into a fight over him behind him still fucking one of them supposedly. No I don’t know names.

-Dre is a homo, he is a quiet homo but home nonetheless. He has a kept lover and has had him for some years. He also beats the shit out of his why and loves to keep her in the house like a prisoner. He has paid police off to keep from going to jail when she calls 911. He beat her so bad one time, she contemplated leaving but she knew her life would not be as good without the $300 million dollar man.

-No one in Eazy E’s circle believes he died of AIDS. Many insist he was injected with it somehow prior to checking himself into the hospital.

-Ice Cube’s wife Kim left her first BD, I forget if they were married or not who had her set up in a house when he went to Desert Storm back in the day while she took care of their son. She met Cube however and basically chose the M.O.M.B. (Money Over Military Benefits) and started fucking with Cube. She whipped it on him to but it didn’t stop him from trying to move his mistress down the street from them in their neighborhood.

-Despite his brawn and insane behavior, Suge is quite the man in bed with a nice size “instrument”. He likes small women and sit them on his face to eat the pussy until they can take the dick. No knowledge of homo behavior and i don’t get that vibe from him despite rumor and speculation.

-Suge also had Harry-O (Michael Harris) beat in prison. So bad that he was in a wheelchair and Suge threatened to kill him. The only thing is, if Suge does that he will have another set of problems to deal with via some of Michael’s connections. Lydia Harris will never see a dime of that money she won. Suge is FEARED by a lot of folks in L.A. but he is not a true gangsta in the gangsta sense. However, he has no problem getting rid of people who stand in his way and in that regard he is a force not to be fucked with. But if you’re cool with him he is a teddy bear! Go figure.

-Michel’le is also quite comfortable financially. Suge takes care of her in that regard and dotes on their daughter and son. I wanna say there’s one more kid but I’m not sure. He is a very good father and loves spending time with his kids.

-Michel’le was also deeply in love with Dre when she recorded her first album. But Dre was abusive, as most fuck boys are so that’s where her family’s despise of him comes to play. Her mother will still tell you she hates his guts to this day.

-Snoop, Daz, Brandy, and Ray J are all second cousins.

-Snoop’s real last name isn’t Broadus, his mother had an affair with Snoop’s real father while Mr. Broadus was away in the military and blamed the baby on him. Only within the last several years did she come clean.

-Shante Broadus has always been homely, ghetto, and fashion-challenged. She purposely talks like she’s constipated because she thinks it’s cute…She will never be more than what she is because her mind is not that advanced.



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