This Guy Has The Greatest Job In The World

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Hands down this has to be one of the greatest jobs in the world. While the rest of you dummy’s do it for free. This guy goes by the name William Breathes and he gets paid to smoke and critique weed. Imagine going to out and people ask you the question what do you do for a living and you say I smoke weed and critique it. People will act like they are disgusted by it but really, they are jealous of you on the inside.

I guess the only down side to this job is that you might forget to write the critique because you were to high to remember. Check out how the reporter hawks Williams joint of sour diesel and the nuggets as she drives. You can tell she use to smoke weed in college.  The US needs to jump onboard with the legalization of marijuana because it is estimated that Americans spend 18 billion dollars a year on weed. Hint this money could be used to help the economy. And it will help reduce the crime rate because the industry will become legitimate.