Timbaland’s About His Hollywood Paper

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We all know that Timbaland isn’t about running the rap game these days, but he’s still making a lot of paper.  Timbaland just announced a deal with Sony/ATV Music Publishing’s “Extreme Music” to produce 75 song exclusively for use in TV and film.  The deal potentially lands Tim’s songs in shows like 30 Rock, Glee and Entourage.

This is honestly a good move for Timbaland.  He’s likely to receive more money for these 75 songs than he would  for selling beats.  This situation work well for Timbaland because Sony likely gave him a huge paycheck upfront and now they’re purposely going out of their way to place his songs in shows that will most likely be syndicated- so he’ll constantly collect residuals.  “Extreme Music” announced a similar deal with Xzibit last week and have licensed songs from Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg

Spotted @ AllHipHop