Trailer For 50 Cent’s “Before I Self Destruct” Movie

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Uh Oh,  50 on the scene with with this straight to dvd masterpiece.  His directorial debut, nonetheless.  The trailer tricks you into thinking that movie might be alright, but I’m sure there is a reason it went straight to dvd.  I think this may come with the album if you decide to buy it.  Check it out.




  1. 50 cent, HE’S THE MAN! recently i just found he is not that active enough the scene. just when i though he is taking down for a lie-low, now he’s getting back in the track again! whoah…

  2. oh, maybe he could have done that to make it easier for him to sell his album. i think it can be a great idea but i don’t know what’s the point for it. well whatever decision he may come up, i am sure he knows best for what outcome will it be.

  3. could this help out the movie to be a great one? the title itself sounds like this could give an impact. i hope it won’t just stick with the title but also the content itself.

  4. Opps.. I was a bit disappointed before with his “Get rich or die trying” movie. Hope this will turn out very well this time. I don’t wanna waste another time, but I can spare a peek. I like the way he rap and act so natural for me. And let see this new upcoming movie of him.

  5. I’ve seen it too, pretty draggy but still I finish it. I was disappointed cause its more on guns, money, revenge and success “in a gangsta world”. I hope this time will be much more interesting.

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