Tyler Perry Is Put On Blast By Spike Lee And Others For His Movies

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I am not a fan of Tyler Perry`s movies, its not that I don’t like them I am just not interested in seeing any of them, the one thing I cant deny is he has made a boatload of money from these movies.  Many directors think his movies are derogatory and does not help the out look of black people, Spike Lee was quoted as saying:
“I think there is alot of stuff that’s out today that’s coonery and buffoonery. I see ads for “House of Payne” and “Meet The Browns” and I’m scratching my head. We got a black president and we are going back. The image is troubling and we are going back to Amos & Andrews

John Singleton also voiced his opinion in an interview:

“There’s nothing but comedies, and I’m tired of all these Black men in dresses. Every other movie has a Black man in a dress, from the Madea movies to Norbit to Big Momma. How come nobody’s protesting that? They call them family movies, and nobody’s telling the little kids that it’s kind of different for a man to wear a dress. I’m just saying that it comes to a point where, if that’s the only types of images they’re seeing, how is that informing upon Black men in America? It’s as if all we can do is make people laugh and play basketball.”

So Tyler blasted back this weekend on an interview with 60 minutes:


  1. Tyler Perry is on some bullshit. He is a cross dresser who admited to getting homo raped by some nigga when he was younger; which explains why he has a fucked of view of black men in particular. He may be a rich mutha fucka but people won’t give a shit about his whack ass movies in 5 years (most of which I don’t bother watching either).

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