VIDEO: A Painful 3 Minutes With Charles Hamilton

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Anyone who has a nickname like “Sonic the Hamilton” needs to get slapped back into their mothers womb.  I despise Charles Hamilton, not just because he’s an awful rapper, as there are plenty of terrible rappers who I can deal with; i.e. Wacka Flocka Flame,  Gucci Mane, etc.  I despise him because he fails at life.

This video is essentially 3 minutes of rambling by Charles Hamilton.  I have no idea what he’s trying to convey to me in this interview.  He talks about giving the “people” what they want.  I think that on a whole the “people” want him to go the f*ck away, and stop making terrible music.  He talks about “walking around neighborhoods without security,” because he’s so real.  In my opinion that’s because no body cares about this dude anymore.  Just go away Sonic the Hamilton.  I will stop my hating here, because Sam has already thoroughly covered this topic in his story “Charles Hamilton….Go Away.”  Check the article and watch the video, and tell us we’re wrong.


  1. I suppose you account, as well as speak for all of the “people” in the world as well.

    Oh. Look here.
    You've also deemed yourself a “nobody”.
    How's that.

    Apparently, “no body cares about this dude anymore”.
    Well, I don't see “no body” else here. I'm pretty sure they would speak for themselves.
    I just see you.
    So I guess YOU'RE the only one caring in this context. Nobody.

    Stop tearing people down, and try to help build them up.
    Stop worrying about who's “wrong” and who's not.

    Golden Rule.
    Too bad I already broke it by responding to your judgmental a**.
    Which is why I'm done.

  2. “He's failing at life” says the guy who spends his time writing for a hip-hop blog no one knows about, cares about, or will care about. This man get's paid to be an “awful rapper” and you MAKE absolutely no money yet SPEND your time hating on him…yeah you're really making a profit there. Go do something with your life.

  3. come on charles hamilton you only had the song brooklyn girls other wise no one is paying you attention but by all means keep doing you

  4. Charles Hamilton is wack as fuck. Somebody had to say it.

    And what's with everyone gettin they panties bunched about this post? You hate it? Doors on the left, dun.

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