Video: Ludacris Speaks On His Beef With Oprah, How He Got His Start & More

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Luda recently hit up On The Record over at Fuse and touched on many topics.

He goes into how he got his start in the business by interning over at  Hot 97.5 in ATL, where he would stay til 2 in the morning recording his music. He also says that he got turned down by Diddy, LA Reid and Jermaine Dupri back in the day.

He also speaks on his transition into acting and how John Singleton reached out to him to become an actor.

He then touches on his beef with Oprah, who invited the entire cast of the movie Crash (which Luda starred in) except for him.

He was eventually invited, but ended up in a war of words with Oprah about Hip Hop and all it’s bad influences. However, Luda explains that after the show Oprah apologized for not inviting him along with the cast.

Despite being a millionaire, Luda also confessed that he does own his own plane, but that he still drives around his 1992 Acura that he drove before he blew up and says that he often drives around listening to beats and that’s where he writes most of his music.

You can check out the full Fuse interview below.

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OTR Luda Part 1
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OTR Luda Part 2
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