Rihanna Slanging Doritos

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Nothing sells spiced corn chips quite like a Barbadian songstress.  At least that’s what the heads of marketing at Frito-Lay think.  Doritos’ latest marketing campaign features Rihanna indirectly endorsing their latest line of Late Night snacks as a “global event.”  Teaming up with David Guetta, Rihanna recorded an exclusive track for the ad campaign accompanied by two separate videos (day/night) which were eventually augmented into one impressive viral clip.  The video for “Who’s That Chick” features the singer dancing inside a checkered club with a group of backup dancers; one video features Rihanna in a colorful getup while the other has a significantly darker tone.  The visuals appear elaborate for a commercial because they were shot on a 360 degree camera.


Yet, there’s no mention of Doritos in this three and a half minute video.  The goal of the campaign is to subtly make consumers correlate the tasty snack with Rihanna’s hot a$$.  Basically, the mindset is if you like Rihanna, you’re going to love Doritos Late Night chips – it’s a lifestyle, etc.  Apparently, if you purchase specially marked packages of Doritos Late Night chips, you will receive a code to access additional content on Doritos’ website.  All of you so-called music industry scholars, take note; this is the future right here.   


The video created a stir with Rihanna’s label in September when the ‘night’ version leaked prematurely.  However, Rihanna has since stated that this wasn’t a big deal because “Who’s That Chick” would not be a featured track on her forthcoming album, LOUD, which drops November 16th.  It will serve as an iTunes bonus track as she told, Entertainment Weekly, “it’s a great song but it’s safe. It’s like a lot of other songs out there.”  The Late Night campaign will be altered for international markets to feature Down with Webster (Canada), Professor Green (UK), Mor Ve Otesi (Turkey), Sensacional Orchestra Sonora (Brazil), and Teargas (South Africa).