Video: Waka Flocka Disses Young Jeezy At Summer Jam

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We have already touched on this diss in our Summer Jam recap and my recent Jeezy write up, but a video of the jab has finally surfaced.  At about the 16 second mark Waka states “These n*gga’s talkin bout the real is back..if it ain’t BrickSquad it ain’t real“.  Obviously a reference to Jeezy’s latest mixtape.  Your move Jeezy…




  1. His move what? I'm glad we talk about rappers beef's more than we talk about the music, I could give a fuck what musicians do in there personal life, I could give a fuck whether they are hard, gangsta, punk or bitch, almost all of them create images, shit waka flaka's mom was in the music industry, I'm sure he grew up real ghetto, and now he's being another cliche rapper, create some beef to step up the publicity, same with tyler the creator, I like his music, but he threw in the haily and b.o.b line another publicity stunt, I got an idea how about they focus on music we do to and we ignore there lil high school drama, they will get the people dont give a shit and go back to making music, fucking gimmick rappers

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