Vince Staples Releases New Snapchat Show

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Airing on Sundays.

It’s no secret: Vince Staples is a fan favorite, capable of far more than his influential music. Vince has an astute, unapologetic perspective that he never suppresses in favor of public opinion–despite whatever backlash may accompany that unabashed approach. Doubling-down on this painfully honest rhetoric, Vince recently announced a new show with SnapChat: Fuck That.

In keeping with the theme of Vince offering unfiltered opinions, Fuck That’s premise revolves around Vince’s friends trying activities that he’s hesitant to try. Upon hearing their opinions, VInce will either say “fuck with that” or “fuck that”.

Vince’s new show debuted this past Sunday (July 1st), and will continue to air on Sundays.