Webbie Caught Riding Dirty…

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It seems like the Hip Hop police have been in full effect in recent weeks.  Whether your puffing an L in the privacy of your own hotel room or copping dome from a tranny in your car.  This was the case when Webbie was heading back home from a concert in Louisville.  Tennessee police stopped Webbie, who was sitting in the passenger seat of his rental car, and found 2 ounces of marijuana and a cardboard box containing $13,000.

While you would most likely think the cops charged the 25 year-old rapper with possession,  he was “charged with possession of schedule VI with intent to manufacture, sale or deliver and tampering with evidence.   His bond was set at $21,000.”   The tampering with evidence charge is sort of ridiculous because it stems from the rapper possibly throwing weed out of his window.  Another passenger was caught with a .357 handgun and subsequently charged with “intent to go armed” while the car’s driver was charged with driving with a suspended license.



  1. With all respect to your opinion, people need to stop assuming what cops should do and should not do. Most people don't have any idea about laws and even less understanding as to why we have laws. Why do the so called hip-hop police constantly target these rappers? Because the ones who you see getting busted do stupid shit. These are men who are in the public eye on a regular basis, they mold and create culture. young people (teens and younger) watch and listen to these men and develope a psyche that tells them if I do this and that I will be just like these people. So yeah, I wish more cops would target rappers because they have clearly turned a blind eye to the damage they cause in order to reap the kings ransom. The hip hop community is terminally ill right now and most of you don't even see the damage being done. Most of you don't even realize that the garbage we call hip-hop is being created and designed in back rooms with executive who don't give a rat's ass about art and self expression. They only care about bottom line and top dollar. Hip-hop needs a revolution because right now we are living in self imposed darwinism and I doubt our community has neough sense to wake up before we corrupt every person who listens.

  2. i feel you, but they do just target rappers…from watchin that hiphop police document, i think its fucked up but at the same time like u said, ppl doin dumb shit so it's a 50/50 but some they target is uncalled for…like if i get in the game, they'll target the shit out of me just cause!!!

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