Week 7 Of The 2011 NFL Season Highlights and Disappointments

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Terrell Owens just maybe the Dame Dash of football once at the top of the world, karma may have caught up to TO. Don’t get it twited I f*cks with TO, but dude is 37 years old, has a show on VH1 and not one NFL team showed up to see him work out. TO has fully recovered from a torn ACL that he suffered in April. TO also maintained that he wasn’t bothered that there weren’t any NFL scouts on hand to watch his workout.

I even thought TO was a shoe in for the Raiders once they hired Carson Palmer after he was sitting on his couch for a few months, once they began to have QB issues. Carson and Terrell Owens seemed to click last year while playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. Carson said the Raiders have to many young weapons and no room for TO. So I wonder will TO ever play again in the NFL.