Weekly News Wrap Up: Young Money Album Details, Man Involved In T.I. Shooting Pleads Guilty, & Jay-Z On DJ Hero And His Future As A Bar Mitzvah Performer?

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Young Money Album Details

The highly anticipated album from hip hop super label Young Money is going to be titled “We Are Young Money“. The album features Young Money all stars such as Lil Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda & the rest of the crew. The album will be available as a deluxe edition with CD/DVD combo and is set to drop the same day as Weezy’s “Rebirth” on December 15th. Weezy even hinted in his Tim Westwood interview that both his “Rebirth” and  the “We Are Young Money” albums will come together as a double disc. Weezy says:

Nah, they pushing for that, I ain’t really trying to give ’em that like that [with a double album]. Uh-huh, it won’t be given like that. Trust me, it won’t be given like that because Tha Carter IV deserves Tha Carter IV. And that’s that. The Rebirth may come as a double [album] which comes with the Young Money All-Stars disc. Yeah, so it may be the Young Money All-Stars and Rebirth.”

Wayne’s going to have to do something to get people to buy that rock album because I think we all know it couldn’t sell by itself, so hopefully Young Money will help increase sales for his mistake experimental album.


Man Involved In T.I. Shooting Pleads Guilty

The driver of the vehicle that was involved in the Ohio shooting of T.I.’s best friend Philant Johnson plead guilty this week to manslaughter and other charges.

After a concert T.I. performed at in Cincinnati, Ohio in May 2006, the rapper and members of his entourage were involved in a fight which later turned into a drive by shooting that left three injured and caused Philant Johnson’s death.

The driver of that vehicle, Padron Thomas, was initially charged with murder, but struck a deal with prosecutors that allowed him to plead to lesser charges in exchange for testifying against his own brother, who pulled the trigger that night.

Thomas‘ sentencing hearing is set for November 17th and he faces 10 years in prison and is already serving 17  years on unrelated drug charges.

His younger brother, Hosea Thomas, was sentenced to 66 years in prison for shooting and murdering Philant Johnson.


Jay-Z On DJ Hero And His Future As A Bar Mitzvah Performer?

“The Blueprint 3” was released just last month, but Jay-Z is relentless when it comes to his work. DJ Hero, the Guitar Hero spinoff he’s promoting, arrives in stores tomorrow and Hov was at the Plaza Hotel this afternoon to discuss his latest business venture and his plan to be a DJ. Hov says:

“I think after a year with DJ Hero I’m gonna start DJing parties like Q-tip and all those guys. I already got a whole plan: I’m gonna work on this for a year, then I’m gonna get me a little Serato set, work on that for another six months. Then I’m gonna find out who makes the most. I’m gonna charge double that. I’m gonna do a tour, bar mitzvahs, weddings. I’m gonna have like video … I’m telling ya’ll, ’cause I don’t want nobody stealing my idea … I’m gonna have, like, video behind me. Dancers. I’m gonna have people pour champagne when I get to a certain song. I’m gonna make a whole show of this thing.

Well Jay-Z is welcome to spin anywhere, club or a bar mitzvah.