Weird: Justin Bieber Teaches Barbara Walters How To Dougie

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Do you remember when you started hearing 40 year-old men saying “that’s phat”? That was probably the last time you uttered that phrase outside a circle of close friends. So if you enjoy doing the Dougie, today is the day you stop. At the end of a recent 20/20 episode, cameras caught pop sensation/wannabe rap star, Justin Bieber, teaching none other than Barbara Walters how to do the infamous dance. This comes on the heels of Dougie Fresh teaching Wolf Blitzer how to Dougie last month. The 81 year-old Walters didn’t really get the hang of it, but she seemed to get off on watching Bieber do it I’m sure the members of Cali Swag District are shaking their heads (and rubbing their hair) in disapproval.

Update: Dougie Fresh stopped by ESPN today to talk about how he invented the Dougie….it’s everywhere


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