Welcome To The Playoffs…

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nba-trophy_fullYes, the playoffs are upon us (PLAYOFFS?!?! Did you say PLAYOFFS?!?!?!). Yup, you heard right… The time when it’s either win or go home for the best that the NBA has to offer.

With this year’s MVP race tighter than Serena Williams trying to fit her derrière into a size three thong, it will be very interesting to see who walks away with the prestigious honor.

Ultimately, there’s no doubt that Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Dwayne Wade would love to have the NBA title if they could only choose one, but if either “King James” or the “Black Mamba” get it, chances are they’ll also be flashing some new jewelry too, just from how well their respective teams are playing.

So we’ll see what happens as the drama unfolds, and in the playoffs remember: No blood no foul…

On an added note, just for kicks, who do you think deserves to be this year’s MVP?


  1. yall some bitch made as niggas how da fuck can d-wade be mvp when he bearly got his team over .500 King James is the MVP he led his team to da best record in da nba and the second home record in the history of the league. yall niggaz betta step ya basketball stats up.

  2. I think D Wade deserves it because he’s not playing with fellow All-Stars on his team like Kobe and LeBron are… Wade is the ONLY All-Star on his team, and he’s been putting it down.. That’s why he’s the scoring champ this year…

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