Where In The World Is Earl Sweatshirt?

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When Odd Future blew up arguably their most talented member was lost in the explosion. The seventeen year old rapper known as Earl Sweatshirt can spit beyond his years, but he has been no where to be found while his piers have risen to stardom. That is until now. The rumors surrounding the whereabouts of Earl range from bootcamp to boarding school but according to this story spotted at Complex, he is at the Coral Reef Academy, a program for “at risk teenage males” on the island of Samoa. OFWGKTA front man Tyler the Creator expressed his feelings regarding the Complex story in a series of tweets pictured below.




Tyler is being a little bit of a diva. I understand where he is coming from, but this is part of the game. If Tyler’s “hungry for VMA’s and Grammys” than he better get used to the media invading his and the rest of Odd Future’s personal lives.