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Tyler, The Creator might be the most boss tweeter.  This is exactly where the game is at.  Old & corny institutions like to tell us what “real” hip hop is or even what types of rap we should listen to and it’s super whack.  The average 16 year old kid is most likely not going to agree with what some OG hip-hop guy says is cool.  The average teenager is going to be like Tyler, call said hip-hop OG a “faggot” and do the opposite of what the OG would do.  That’s just the reality of the situation.  The good news is that I’m not as bitter about it as Tyler is.  I think we need fresh people, ideas, and institutions in hip-hop.  And attitudes like Tyler’s are super hip-hop to me.  So watch out who you take your musical advice from.  In my opinion it’s all about that #YoungBoySwag.  I think Tyler, like most of the newer generation of hip-hop fans have tons of respect for their elders, and the people who came before them.  They just want to be define themselves, and they will not apologize for how they do it.  Like I said I think that’s super hip-hop.  But what do I know, I’m biased.







  2. Look we all know that Waka's music is popular. That doesn't mean that its at all good. Waka, and artists like him, are able to reach a lot of people because his music is easy to understand. There has always been and will forever be more stupid people in the world than those of us with IQs above 120. This is why a rapper that actually takes time to think about his lyrics can take any subject matter and find more clever ways to deliver his message. Take Lupe for example. He did a song called Conflict Diamonds, improving on Kanye's – Diamonds from Sierra Leone. Most people don't even know where Sierra Leone is. In the immortal words of Waka Flocka, “Education good. Education real good. I ain't gone lie I got my GED. I want to go back to school and major in Geometry”… Tell me why I should follow anything that idiot has to say.

    PS. @fucktyler I'm not being an elitist simply because I wont follow the crowd. Maybe you could understand that if you didn't have that extra chromosome weighing you down.

  3. Don't get caught up in the Waka point. His point is that we need to stop talking about dudes from the 90's in 2011. Stop comparing what is good in 2011, to what was good in 1996.

  4. Hey, I am all for new ideas and fresh faces in hip hop, but stupidity, no matter what era it comes from, shouldn't be tolerated. Today, popularity doesn't mean progress and record sales aren't equivalent to skill. Remember the “Swag Movement”? That was very popular and I can recall a certain blog on this site that said was entitled “Trends that need to die”.

    Question: If I were to get a nice beat, and hum the tune to whistle while you work on the track, would you defend me too? If I were to somehow gain popularity would you call my work hip hop? My point is that we can have our J. Cole's of the game(artist that car enough to master their craft and takes time to think about their lyrics) without the “Love dem gun sounds”, “Burr”, and my personal favorite “Ay Ay Ay Ok”.

  5. I dont mind you being stupid if you dont mind me smart thats with new schooler everything that is quick & simple isnt good for you the same in hip hop when become a real hiphop fan you became a student of the artform like rick fuard & the game I like both main & underground do I wish I could hear Currensy & Smoke Dza on the radio or someone who can put a sentence together or knew the meaning I hate whackness and 98% of what on the radio is come on kids .Ice Cude ,Krs One will stop rapping when new school stop being so damn whack all the rapper over 30 sell the records ( Em, Jay, Ti , Rick No so Real , Kayne , 50 ) go check Guicci Mane , Flocka Souija Boy they sell like underground artist and they rock ice on Bet and Mos Def , Saigon , Kweli have no radio play so whats the point . If you the power that to keep feeding that type of music thans fine I dont knock you for you being all swagg , tight beats , easy to remember lyrics & mother goose chords So dont knock me for my pant being two sizes to big and my pure love for hip hop but my Afro American hip hop was better in the 90 's yes their was wackness but not like this .

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