Who Wants A 180K Watch With Yeezy’s Face On It?

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This is ridiculous.  Kanye teamed up with Tiret to make a 180,000 watch with his face on it.  This is ridiculous, but kind of awesome at the same time.  Yeezy really is on some Prince sh*t.  Spotted at TLF.

  • Tiret claims it took them over five months to create the dial. The dial itself is in gold toned mother-of-pearl, with a combo of white, yellow, brown, and black diamonds. The bezel is lined with very large diamonds as well. The watch is said to have a total of about 8 carats of stones. Kayne’s face has been immortalized on the dial – complete with sunglasses.



  1. ahahaha tiret is owned by Damon Dash and Daniel Lazar Its pretty cool to see a synergy like this again. Possible Foreshadow?

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