Wiz Khalifa Challenges Other Rappers In “Real Rappers Rap”

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His first song of the new year.

Wiz Khalifa spent the majority of 2019 demonstrating his prolific penchant. Dropping multiple freestyles weekly, Wiz showcased not only his bountiful raps, but also that his pen game is as sharp as ever. Now in a new decade, Wiz has come through with a new song and video, “Real Rappers Rap.”

Channeling an old school flavor, the inaugural 2020 Wiz offering retains shades of his triumphant mixtape run while concurrently demonstrating his evergreen appeal. A solicitation of sorts, “Real Rappers Rap” is an implicit challenge for other rappers who claim to have lyrical chops to come through with their best writtens. 

Directed by Ace of LA, the complementary video retains a barebones aesthetic, as it primarily shows Wiz in front of a black backdrop rapping to the camera, that reinforces the song’s message of real raps, no gimmicks. 

Watch the “Real Rappers Rap” video below: